Ceramic 3D


It would seem that a saturated market of ceramic tiles still has one unfilled niche - all the products of the tile industry lack ceramic interconnecting elements.

To solve this problem, we created our own base of ceramic transition elements. With their help, you can solve many architectural and design tasks now.

  The scope of our elements in architecture, design, small architectural forms of interior and exterior is very extensive. These are the bathrooms (washbasins, bedside tables, columns, pilasters, friezes, ie full interior), kitchens (countertops, window sills, etc.) fireplaces (here there are no restrictions for designer transformations) barbecue, saunas (benches, sun beds, sauna heater , pegs - here are particularly indispensable elements of 3D ceramics), stairs (porcelain stoneware), bar counters, the base of the building.

  Our ceramics by color is suitable for a huge range of tile trade, so you have a lot of space to solve your architectural and design ideas. In addition, these elements can be combined with natural materials - stone, wood, metal.

Exclusive elements for tile decoration

Classic Kapinos

Modern Kapinos

Plinth narrow

Plinth wide

 External small angle

External large angle

Casing universal №1

Casing universal №2

Flat frieze

O-shaped frieze



Angle adapter for plinth wide

Angle adapter for classic kapinos


Angle element (for classical capinos)

Profiles and friezes


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